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Get Rid of Sunspots Once and For All

by Samantha Williams November 26, 2016
How to get rid of sunspots

How to Get Rid of Sunspots

The sun can be harsh – but skin care shouldn’t be


People might call these flat discoloured patches age spots, liver spots, and a bunch of other things, but most of the time they’re really caused by unrepaired damage from excess sun exposure over a lifetime. So, “sunspots.”

They look like freckles, but there’s an easy difference to spot: sunspots have clearly-defined edges and don’t fade in winter months. Without getting too technical, they’re really called “solar lentigines”, of which there are several different types that affect men and women of all ages, though they’re far more common in light-skinned people.

Sunspots darken skin due to increased, uneven melanin production caused by exposure to UV rays (so mom was right – always wear your sunscreen!). And although they may be harmless, they can do a number on your self-confidence.


Forget all those weird chemicals

(effective sunspot treatment doesn’t involve any crazy stuff)


First things first: do not subject your skin to harsh abrasives like brushes or chemical peels. If you’re doing this, stop right now. While they might help treat sunspots, they can open up your skin – literally and figuratively – to a whole host of other issues you don’t want to deal with. We’re talking infections, allergies, and even burns, to name a few less-than-cheery side effects. STAHP.

One of the first things you should do is encourage natural exfoliation. You know – replace those old discoloured skin cells with fresh, healthy new ones. Luckily, your body’s pretty good at this already, but if you’re a real sun worshipper (or skip mom’s sunscreen advice a few times to often), sunspots can eventually get out of hand.


Never fear: sunspots can heal completely.


If you keep your skin healthy, hydrated and well-nourished, they’ll diminish or even disappear. Ascorbic acid – good ol’ Vitamin C – and Vitamin B5 are two of your primary weapons. That said, topical application’s usually better than taking supplements because the vitamins absorb directly where they’re needed instead of filtering through your digestive system.

And you shouldn’t use water-based products for this – they’re less effective as a delivery vehicle because they don’t penetrate as deeply or absorb nutrients as well as oils. Not all oils are created equal, either – METRIN uses a blend specially developed for deep penetration (without clogging up the works).

Skin Care ProTip

Encouraging skin to heal naturally is far more effective – and less dangerous – than using chemical peels, lighteners, or abrasives.

The average skin turnover rate is about 28 days (this varies depending on your age and the condition you are in). The key is to help your skin maintain its healthy renewal rate so that your sun-damaged skin gets gradually and naturally replaced.

Sunspots aren’t just a surface issue. You need to help your skin recover at the source (not the actual sun, for Pete’s sake, your body’s defensive reaction to overexposure): deep-penetrating products target all 3 layers of your skin with vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids; enhancing your body’s natural healing and renewal processes at the cellular level to help treat all kinds of sunspots safely – without harsh abrasives or ‘lighteners’, which often contain stuff you really don’t want on (or in) your skin anyway.


Sunspots on Skin

Are sunspots harmless? Should I be freaking out right now?

(Yes… no… maybe.)


There are several different kinds of sunspots, classified by site, appearance, cause, and association with other conditions. Yes, although they’re not always pretty, most sunspots are completely harmless.

Some can indicate the onset of other conditions, like seborrhoeic keratosis, dermatitis, or even the Big C (cancer/melanoma). Don’t freak out! But do play it safe. METRIN effectively and gently helps reduce the appearance of all types of sunspots. But if yours cause you physical discomfort, are particularly dark, or visibly grow asymmetrically, you should have a biopsy performed early – especially if you have a family history of cancer and/or are over 50.

This can save your bacon – and keep you from worrying unnecessarily.

Again, though: most sunspots are completely harmless and smart skin care can make a huge difference.


Prevention vs. Cure

(you’re going to want to blend them)


Proper skin care nourishes all 3 layers of your skin to enhance its natural renewal processes, which goes a long way toward reducing the appearance of sunspots. But there’s only one way to absolutely prevent them from ever occurring: don’t go outside. Since that doesn’t sound like much fun, make sure you use high-SPF sunscreen when you do.

  • Protect your skin from long or repeated sun exposure
  • Don’t use tanning beds (seriously, just don’t)
  • Keep skin moisturized and don’t forget your sunscreen



Curing existing sunspots can be surprisingly easy. Just follow the basic rules of quality skin care:

  • Always encourage gentle exfoliation – more is good
  • Nourish your skin’s deeper layers to promote healing and growth
  • Stay away from harsh chemicals and abrasives to prevent damage


That means you don’t need the latest, greatest gimmick to enjoy healthy, youthful-looking skin. Does your skin change every year? No. Do we already know the best treatment for sunspots? Yes.

And we have for a long time. It’s easy to get suckered in by the latest ad or brand-new packaging, especially if what you’ve been doing doesn’t deliver the results you expect. Some people even start thinking “this is supposed to work, my skin must be the problem.”

If that’s you, stop (STAHP!). Your skin is not to blame. You simply need to change your skin care routine, and that means clearing out a whole lot of space on your bathroom shelves.


A skin care system for the ages

(guaranteed – see for yourself)


The METRIN formulae haven’t changed in over 85 years… because we didn’t need to. Some of our clients from way back are still with us for one simple reason: the system works exactly as advertised, keeping skin young and healthy looking (and yes, removing and helping to prevent sunspots anywhere on your body).


You can expect results with the METRIN Skincare System.

And we’ll prove it: try it for 6 months, no strings.

If it doesn’t meet or beat your expectations, it’s FREE. Period.


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