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Getting Rid of Large Pores and Blackheads

by Samantha Williams November 10, 2016
Is your skincare working?

Large Pores and Blackheads

and how to get rid of the little buggers


Large pores and blackheads can take a toll on your confidence. Although they’re perfectly natural (and happen to just about everybody), these things have stigma attached to these them. Happily, they can be pretty easy to clear up because their root cause is simple:

When your skin’s ability to exfoliate is compromised, dead skin cells become trapped in your pores.

So you need to set it free. To let the younger, newer skin beneath the outer layers breathe more easily  so it can renew itself naturally – making the outer layers less susceptible to blockages caused by poor exfoliation.


Safe, effective treatment in 4 simple phases

(and a word of caution about something else)


These things can frustrate the hell out of you. People try all kinds of things to get rid of blackheads and those big ol’ visible pores. And when it works, it’s usually temporary, so they’ve got a bit of a reputation for being hard to get rid of.


The protruding part of a blackhead’s called a comedone. Just thought you should know.

Your black heads could be caused by a lotion you use, your skin’s natural oils trapping dead cells, or even your clothes rubbing you the wrong way. Large pores aren’t actually “enlarged” – they’re caused by loss of skin elasticity that highlights the soon-to-be black heads inside and makes them look bigger. So the issue’s the same, and so is the cure:

A skin care system that encourages exfoliation in the outer layers and provides deep nourishment to fuel natural regeneration from within.

1. Cleanse to soften – gently removes oil and debris buildup from you skin’s outer layers, reducing the appearance of enlarged pores by removing excess sebum (the oil they produce to lubricate your skin), and annihilating new blackheads before they can reform.

2. Exfoliate to clear – your skin naturally renews itself through exfoliation. We’d have good skin for about 5 seconds without it. As the outer layers die, the inner layers continually produce fresh, new skin to replace them. The METRIN Skincare System which uses gentle, non-abrasive exfoliants to penetrate deep into pores, drawing our blockages and impurities, and clearing away the dead skin cells that’re just waiting to form a blackhead – all done without irritating the new skin beneath.

3. Nourish to heal – blackheads are a surface issue, but the solution runs deeper: hydrated, well-nourished skin is stronger and more elastic, which helps reduce the visibility of ‘enlarged pores’.  It renews itself quickly enough to prevent future blackheads.  METRIN’s nutrient-rich formula and delivers the vitamins and essential fatty acids your skin needs deep into its inner layers (via naturally efficient carrier oils which absorb far more effectively than water ) to fuel its renewal – keeping it looking healthy, young, and clear.

4. Protect to prevent – dust and debris are facts of life (guess what? Most “dust” is actually dead skin cells). They’re all over you, right now, doing their best to clog up the works. METRIN’s organic aloe-based Protective Lotion moisturizes and shields your skin against impurities and intruders, reducing large pores and blackheads by stopping them before they can start.


 A word about oil (and water)


Okay. We’ve established that your best weapon to get rid of blackheads and enlarged pores is to get rid of dead skin cells that trap oil in your pores and reveal the newer skin beneath. So how do you make sure that new skin’s ready to face your world?

It seems like common sense to not ‘add oil’ when you’re trying to remove oil.

But not everything is what it seems.

Properly-balanced creams and lotions don’t ‘add oil’ to your skin – they help reduce it to the right level, where it protects your skin without going overboard.

Light, deep-penetrating carrier oils allow far better nutrient distribution than water-based products. They put the good stuff right where it needs to be for your skin to use it, instead of wasting away on the surface unabsorbed. Water-based skin care products do, of course, have their place (they’re part of the METRIN system, too). They’re best used as cleansers and moisturizers since they make poor delivery vehicles for nutrients.

Skin care myth # 3,467 (busted)

Washing your face in cold water to prevent large pores doesn’t help. It can even make it harder to remove the excess oil that’s causing the issue.

While we’re on the subject of water… the whole “wash your face with cold water to avoid opening your pores” thing? It’s a total crock. Pores can’t “open” or close at all – they’re hair follicles, not eyeballs, and don’t have any muscles to move them (it’s the muscles below the follicle causing your hair to stand on end when you get a chill). They’re always open, except when they’re clogged, and hot water does a much better job of removing excess oil.


And a quick one on ‘pore strips’


These things do temporarily remove blackheads. That said, pore strips don’t help what’s causing them; they only rip sebum and skin cells out from your pores. That can leave them susceptible to infection… plus they look kinda gross when you take them off. Just thought you should know.


Back to healthy, clear skin

(bye bye blackheads, for good)


Pretty much everyone gets black heads at some point. METRIN’s been helping people around the world get rid of them quickly and permanently using the same simple, natural formulae for over 85 years.

And we get it – the little buggers are frustrating. But we promise: you’ll be amazed by the results.

In fact, results are guaranteed. METRIN’s a proven, time-honoured Skincare System that works for everybody. Try it for 6 months. If you don’t feel as impressed as we say you will (which is a lot), and if you don’t see those blackheads vanishing into oblivion, it’s all FREE. Period.

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