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Are You Receiving Your Metrin Rewards?

by Harman Kaur February 22, 2019
New labels with Pumps
Metrin products with our new look will be available from April 2019.

Get your free rewards every time you order Metrin!  

You get reward points with every eligible Metrin purchase that you can redeem towards your future purchases. Becoming a Metrin Rewards member is free to all customers. Just sign up for an account on metrin.com and check the option for Metrin Rewards in your profile. As a Metrin Rewards member, you can avail amazing savings using the added reward points on your Metrin products purchases.

Collect points for EXTRA SAVINGS! 

Your regular orders accumulate reward points. The more consistently you purchase, the larger your purchases, the more reward points for greater savings on your future purchases! Not only does your daily consistent use of Metrin Skincare System help you enjoy your healthy beautiful skin for a lifetime, you save money with Metrin Reward points each time you make a purchase. Our loyal customers save the most money through Metrin Rewards.

Metrin Rewards

Plus, there are many instant Metrin Rewards benefits: 

  • Up to $50 off with reward points on any Metrin products 
  • Enter your birthday in your Metrin account and get bonus 130 reward points 
  • Refer a friend and earn 500 reward points when they purchase their first full-size Metrin Skincare System (165ml/5.5 fl.oz.). 
  • There is no expiry or restrictions on Reward points. Use them for any Metrin product purchase 
  • Enjoy maximum savings in double and triple reward points events 

It’s easy to become a Metrin Rewards member: 

  • It’s completely FREE for all customers 
  • Sign in to your metrin.com account 
  • Click on My Profile 
  • Check the box to Sign up for METRIN Rewards 

Redeeming your points for extra savings is simple. When signed in into your Metrin account, go to Metrin Rewards and select the number of points you wish to redeem. A unique coupon code will be created. Add the code to your shopping cart. To see point value of your favorite Metrin products, please visit our online store at metrin.com/products 

The SAVINGS are a win-win! 

260 points             $10 off 
475 points             $20 off 
600 points             $30 off 
800 points             $50 off 

The Rewards Dashboard is your one-stop shop for everything rewards related. You can see how many points you’ve accumulated, redeem your points for savings coupons, view your previously redeemed coupons and refer a friend. To access the Rewards Dashboard, sign in and click Metrin Rewards from the My Account menu.  

METRIN Rewards Dashboard

Save up on your next order with METRIN Rewards. Visit metrin.com/rewards to know more.

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