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Why Skin Care Shouldn’t Be That Complicated

by Rick August 25, 2017

According to a recent survey cited by The Telegraph, 87% of women are confused by what skin care products they should be using. “It’s no surprise considering the rise of lotions, essences and splash masks.” Unfortunately, this is a common problem in the beauty and skin care industries.

These are businesses that often attract attention more for their marketing campaigns than the effectiveness of their actual products. It’s a cycle designed to keep up with trends, fads, and the changing ideals of what’s new and hot shared online. After all, if existing skin care products are delivering results as advertised, there really isn’t the need to constantly keep introducing new products.

All of this and more is why, time after time, many including longtime experts reiterate that the solution for healthier, better looking skin is almost always a regular, daily skin care routine that incorporates the well-tested, basic core principles of maintaining helping your skin’s natural systems.

So Many Products

Health and beauty news is often based on what’s popular at any given time. Perpetuating untested trends and products can be a problematic but an effective marketing tool.

If you feel overwhelmed by all the new and latest skin care products claiming all kinds of results, you are not alone. This confusion can be a result of simply an abundance of available products or brands in a free marketplace, but it can also be a purposeful tactic to make it easier to make claims about cure-all, one-step products.

It is also nearly impossible to know whether one product will work better or worse when used together with another product on your skin as a part of any broader skin care regimen. Remember the basics and stick to what has always worked.

Often “new” products are just the same as the old ones repackaged as the latest, newest thing. Also, you’re probably familiar with marketing around “newly discovered”, seemingly magical ingredients that almost always disappoint and underwhelm. Like with other health remedies, the boring old staples known to work for years alongside the proper routine and maintenance may sound unsexy, but are proven to work for most people.

The Basics

Any daily skin care routine should incorporate the tried and tested basic tenets of cleansing, nourishing, and protection. All skin is essentially the same and any effective skin care program should make sure incorporate these basics with each product specifically designed to work together with other products and with your skin when used in sequence.

Cleansers, lotions, and conditioners are your tools every day are your best tools to achieving better looking skin – they should work together to create a beneficial synergy.

Every Day

Like we said, effective skin care should revolve around core principles and steps including moisturizing, protection (healing), and exfoliation. What’s critical to the success and results of good skin care is sticking with it day and day out.

Another big problem with the amount of conflicting skin care information out there is the lack of cohesion and overall guidance. Knowing not only what products to use, but also, what products work together to benefit your skin and in what order is hugely important.

Each step of a routine covering things like of cleansing is essential to work with your skin’s natural processes and make sure your skin is at its best. Everything should work properly together in harmony to enhance your skin’s natural rhythms.

Avoid the Hype

Unfortunately, the big business of the beauty and skin care industries can lead to shiny ads or claims and a constant stream of new products promising impossible results with little work.

Do your research and you’ll find those with long-lasting, healthy, glowing skin usually extol the virtues of the uncomplicated basics. No one is saying healthy skin care is easy. To achieve the results you want, it’s going to rake daily regular work and dedication. If you maintain consistency, then you’ll be rewarded today and for the rest of your life.

Make no mistake, daily skin care can be hard work to do every single day but that doesn’t mean it should be needlessly complicated or confusing.

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