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Winter Skin Care Tips

by Rick November 15, 2017
winter skin care tips

Depending on where you live and how cold or dry it gets for you during the winter months (in whatever hemisphere you are located), you should really make adjustments to your skin care routine to account for the weather changes.

It’s important to factor any changes in your regular, daily environment including not only colder temperatures, but also, harsh winds and central heating. These things can further leave skin dehydrated if untreated.


Stay active and get some exercise even if the climate may not be conducive to it. Regular exercise and activity will improve circulation and help your skin glow.


It might seem counter-intuitive, but keep those hot showers to a minimum and lukewarm. Long hot showers or baths in cold weather strip the body of its natural oils. Prolonged time in hot water can contribute to dry and irritated skin during colder and drier conditions.


Cleansing is extra important during winter as consistent cleansing twice daily assures richer, deeper nourishment for your skin. Double cleansing your face is beneficial, particularly at night, as the first cleanse removes any surface oil, makeup or SPF protection while the second cleanses your actual skin.


Traditional winter time foods can offer some positive calories and nutrition. Foods rich in omega-3s like fish as wells foods like nuts, fats, and seasonal veggies can be great for your skin. Try to avoid sugar or starches that can lead to acne, eczema, or wrinkles.


Gentle exfoliation should be a part of the cleansing process done a little bit at a time. Double cleansing helps soften the skin and allows exfoliation to be gentle when it comes to exfoliating your dry skin during the winter. Without the daily gentle exfoliation, excessive exfoliation done infrequently can wash off all your natural oils possibly leading to skin stress, damage, or redness.

winter skin care tips


Investing in a humidifier, especially for when you sleep at night, will help your skin replenish itself. It also combats any heating from sucking out the moisture in the air.


Water helps your immune and digestive systems eliminate toxins and keep your skin nicely clear and hydrated. Hydration is just as important when it’s not hot out.


Dry chapped lips are a great scourge of wintertime. A great unscented natural oil based lotion without any artificial coloring is also great for the skin on your lips. Cover your lips before you apply your lipstick – not only it’ll help your lipstick apply better, it’ll nourish and protect your lips, too. Make sure to keep them moist however you can with balm. You may also want to consider gently exfoliating your lips for extra protection.


Regular moisturizing is obviously vital for any skin care routine. However, in the colder, drier winter months it’s especially important. You should create a protective barrier from the cold and lock in the moisture already applied. Colder conditions can strip the skin of its natural moisture so moisturizing is particularly essential. So moisturize day and night.


While the sun’s energy is necessary for life, less direct sun exposure during the winter doesn’t mean you should quit the SPF protection altogether, especially if you’re out in sunlight regularly when it’s cold out. Sunscreen and covering up smartly is vital all year round for healthy sun exposure. UV rays don’t necessarily go away in the winter so protect yourself from possible sun damage.


Stay warm and wear layers to protect your skin from harsher conditions. A good scarf can help you avoid any windburn. Make sure anything that comes into contact with your face is clean and avoid any scratchy fabrics that could irritate your skin.

During the winter, it’s important to emphasize hydration, nourishment, and moisturizing even more so than usual. Protect your skin from dryness and any other conditions working against its ideal balance. A regular routine and skin care regimen throughout the year can keep these good habits with adjustments for the seasons.

Source: Economic Times

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