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How Does METRIN Reduce and Prevent Acne?

First things first: How are they caused? 1. Excess Bacteria 2. Hormones 3. Medication 4. Diet 5. Weather A. Our bodies naturally produce sebum oil to keep our skin from drying out B. Buildup of trapped oil and dead skin cells (keratin) foster excess bacteria growth C. When acne bacteria gets inside a clogged pore, the pore becomes inflamed (red and swollen) If the inflammation goes deep into your skin, an acne cyst or nodule appears

Skincare from the Ground Up Smart skincare nurtures all three layers, starting with subcutaneous fat cells. METRIN dives deep to repair your skin’s natural systems, restoring balance across the board. Okay, Step One: You’ve got to start with clean skin. Our Deep Cleanser gently removes makeup, dirt, and bacteria from the surface so the next steps in the system can get where they need to go. How it Works: We use a high-oleic, cold-pressed (and organic) sunflower-oil base to soften the skin while protecting and preserving its natural ecosystem and cleansing contaminants away. Sunflower Oil Improves Nutrient Absorption (and that’s A Good Thing). Sciency Stuff: You need to get nutrients down into the deepest layers of your skin to be effective. Our Deep Cleanser removes surface oil and dirt so this can happen. Cleansing and exfoliating should work in harmony with your skin’s natural systems. No irritation. Zero stress. This helps your skin do its job: renew itself naturally (replace old discoloured skin cells with fresh, healthy new ones). Your skin sweats and sheds dead cells constantly. This can trap dirt, dust, pollutants, and other microscopic stuff on the surface. Bacteria love it (including the dreaded acne bacteria) and you probably don’t – let’s get rid of it all. Remember: zero stress. Our sunflower oil and purified water emulsion gently strips surface dirt, including make-up, without irritating your skin. This slows your skin’s natural reaction to cleansing – releasing more oils (don’t worry, they’ll be back). With your skin cleansed down to its bare surface, we can get to work on exfoliation. Why Sunflower Oil? It’s an excellent “carrier oil” (nutrient delivery vehicle) and, when emulsified with water, helps vitamins and essential fatty acids penetrate deep into your skin without disrupting its natural functions. Step Two: We Need to Go Deeper Time to remove dead skin cells and kill some unwanted bacteria. Exfoliation brings healthy new skin to the surface, reduces bacteria by removing their food source and clears a direct path to deliver the nutrients your skin needs. How it Works: Our Lathering Cleanser penetrates deep into your pores to draw out dead cells and bacteria. It contains a gentle antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent. High concentrations of Aloe Vera stimulate collagen growth and skin-cell renewal. Vitamins A, C, and E are all antioxidants, which neutralize free radicals. Vitamin B12, B9, and choline (similar to B vitamins) super-stimulate cell division & growth. Moar Science!  The Deep Cleansing process exposed and softened dead skin cells on the surface. Now it’s time to get rid of them altogether. Lathering action helps the cleanser surround and lift dead skin cells for easy, gentle removal. With dead cells gone, the skin is naturally stimulated to renew itself more quickly. Our Lathering Cleanser’s pH is slightly acidic, just like your skin’s natural acid mantle of the skin. This helps inhibit excess/foreign bacterial growth (especially acne), reducing the need for immune system responses (usually inflammation) which can interfere with your skin’s natural renewal process. Removing dead skin cells without irritation also keeps skin’s natural response (oil/sebum production) to a minimum instead of an excess. Clean, well-exfoliated skin means fewer dead skin cells hanging around. This allows light to reflect from the healthy new cells underneath. Radiant! It’s also free from excess bacteria, which would have hampered the delivery and absorption of vitamins and nutrients. Some Skincare Systems Stop There…Slackers! We’ve cleansed and exfoliated to bring healthy, new skin to the surface… but we want to keep right on shining. The path is clear: let’s deliver some nutrients to your hypodermis and hydrate it while we’re at it, so they have all the fuel they need to reduce inflammation. How it Works: Sunflower oil strikes again: our emulsion formula’s the perfect vehicle to deliver calming agents and antioxidant vitamins (A, C, D, E, and K) plus the amino acids in our certified-organic Aloe Vera. Now that your pores are clear we can send these nutrients straight to the deepest layers of your skin, where healing really happens. Science Rules! Clean, well-exfoliated skin absorbs nourishment more effectively, helping renewal and repair systems function at their best. METRIN’s (organic!) sunflower-oil and water base delivers the antioxidants, vitamins, essential fatty acids naturally found in the oil. SF oil’s rich vitamin E content interacts with vitamin C, enabling its transport in a form your skin can use. Proper product formulation is essential – without it, these ingredients can’t penetrate deeply enough to nourish your skin effectively. Any single product simply cannot deliver complete skin nourishment while maintaining its optimal condition and function (like the pH of its acid mantle) effectively. Skin care systems must work alongside your body’s natural systems to transport nutrients and enhance skin function. Your skin still requires additional nourishment to help it heal and protect against new bacterial growth. Our Vita Conditioner prepares your skin for application and absorption of the Protective Lotion, formulated to bind with the Vita Conditioner. VITAMINS E & K (sunflower oil – is there anything it can’t do?) These contain antioxidants that help and counter inflammation, which can trigger premature aging effects. Protect, Protect, and then Protect Some More Our Protective Lotion minimizes the bacteria, contaminants, and impurities that want to clog up your pores, both during the day and all night long (while retaining moisture and helping your skin heal itself). How it Works: Sunflower oil strikes again: our emulsion formula’s the perfect vehicle to deliver calming agents and antioxidant vitamins (A, C, D, E, and K) plus the amino acids in our certified-organic Aloe Vera. So Much Science! The nutrients we’ve delivered so far are the building blocks your skin needs to heal and renew. METRIN’s Protective Lotion gives these processes a hyper-boost, helping skin heal from infections, oxidation, burns, and inflammation. The skin renewal process helps sustain its barrier functionality and stimulate new collagen growth. Why high-oleic sunflower oil? Regular SF oil contains high quantities of Omega 3 and 6, essential fatty acids. High oleic goes one step further, adding Omega-9’s. Cold-pressing helps preserve these nutrients, so cold-pressed high-oleic SF oil is an ideal vehicle for transdermal delivery. Time to Shine! Our Enriched Vita Conditioner encourages healing and cellular regeneration by neutralizing free radicals and providing a final protective barrier against the elements. How it Works: This final step seals in the nutrition you’ve already applied and provides a final antioxidant layer of protection to preserve that healthy glow.

We Love Science! METRIN Conditioner creates a protective seal over the humectants, antimicrobials, and nutrients applied in step 4’s Protective Lotion. It contains vitamin B6, a super-effective acne prevention treatment (and general antibacterial wondersauce), adding yet another layer of nourishment and protection to the one you deployed with the previous steps Vitamin B6’s antioxidant properties also help to reduce inflammation to encourage cell renewal, improving skin’s overall health and appearance. It fights, among others: seborrheic dermatitis, itchy skin, greasy skin, and flaking or peeling skin… is absolutely essential for the proper absorption/ function of sugars, fats, and proteins in the body. Organic, cold-pressed, high-oleic sunflower oil improves vitamin B6’s stability, enables deep transdermal delivery, and enhances the effectiveness of our Protective Lotion & Conditioners’ Aloe Vera amino acids.