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Testimonials - Individual results may vary

Renae K.

Vancouver (British Columbia), 43

Testimonial Renae K.

Balancing my skin is something I’ve always struggled with. It’s oversensitive and breaks out if there is too much dust in the air, if I get too close to cats, if there are extreme temperature changes, and even if I’m in an air conditioned building for too long. It probably sounds fake when I talk about this because the results were so extreme. But it’s true. With one application of METRIN, the rash was gone and my skin felt amazing.

Skin concern:
Uneven Tone or Texture
In love with Metrin for:
14 Years
Started using Metrin at:
Age 29

Jamilia G

Anchorage (Alaska), 66

Testimonial Jamilia G

I suffered from chronic, severe adult acne. I had tried Erno Lazlo, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Clinique and two separate courses of accutane, to no avail. Having lived with severe acne for more than 15 years, my skin was scarred and red and bumpy. I was constantly breaking out. Today, my formerly pockmarked skin is clear of all scarring thanks to METRIN. This product gave me the confidence that I can count on my skin looking clear and fresh and glowing, and not concentrate internally on what someone might be thinking about my complexion. *

Skin concern:
In love with Metrin for:
32 Years
Started using Metrin at:
Age 34

Amy K.

Bedford (Nova Scotia), 41

Testimonial Amy K.

METRIN keeps my skin soft and velvety smooth. As a model and actress, a clear complexion is essential- and having skin that feels naturally beautiful and healthy makes me feel picture perfect. That kind of confidence is priceless. After starting METRIN, I couldn't believe how smooth and clear my skin became when I got what seemed like years of left-over makeup and dirt out of my pores and began giving my skin the nutrition it was craving---but that I didn't know it needed! My skin tone evened out, my pores shrank, the bumps on my skin disappeared, and I could finally go out without wearing makeup when I wasn't on set. My skin just glowed and no one believed me that I wasn't wearing any makeup when I'd bump into friends on the street. Needless to say, everyone wanted to know what I was using on my skin! The change was that drastic. People are constantly amazed when they find out I am in my thirties and a mother of two. I used METRIN on my belly during both pregnancies and I have ZERO stretch marks. None. And I’ve even been mistaken for a teenager! That’s what METRIN has done for me. I love METRIN and I will use it for life. *

Skin concern:
Dry Skin
In love with Metrin for:
13 Years
Started using Metrin at:
Age 28