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Testimonials - Individual results may vary

Rene T.

Red Deer (Alberta), 49

Testimonial Rene T.

My skin has always been very dry and feeling tight. When I started with METRIN I noticed a great difference. My kids also use it daily and their acne has improved greatly!! My skin is extremely soft, makeup comes off easily, and it seems to be more resilient to the weather, which is great since I work outside in all conditions daily! My skin is younger and more supple - I love it! People say that I don't look my age, which is always nice to hear when you are in your forties.  And the kids’ skin is so much clearer! Easy, effective, and great results, with time the effects are tremendous! *

Skin concern:
Wrinkles and Fine lines
In love with Metrin for:
10 Years
Started using Metrin at:
Age 39

Cynthia B.

Midland (Texas), 59

Testimonial Cynthia B.

My skin wasn't supple. I was told if I used METRIN I'd never need a facelift. I've used it for 20 years. No facelift needed! No wrinkles and my face is soft. I wear no makeup and get compliments on how great my skin looks! And I am 53! My skin looks not much different than when I was 33. I have very sensitive skin - METRIN has been the answer for me! I've introduced many people to METRIN. *

Skin concern:
Dry Skin
In love with Metrin for:
26 Years
Started using Metrin at:
Age 33

Caroline D.

Vancouver (British Columbia), 40

Testimonial Caroline D.

No matter how hectic my life becomes, METRIN is always there to keep my skin healthy and balanced. I know that I can always count on my face looking clean, clear, and radiant. I truly believe in this product and I stand behind its ability to deliver healthy and beautiful skin. I will use it for life. *

Skin concern:
Enlarged Pores
In love with Metrin for:
17 Years
Started using Metrin at:
Age 23