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Testimonials - Individual results may vary

Nelda P.

Magnolia (Arkansas) , 66

Testimonial Nelda P.

In winter my skin was dry, in summer it was oily; I had tiny little hard whiteheads just under the top layer of my skin. Now with METRIN, the facial moisture is balanced year-round, no more whiteheads and I have a glowing, clear complexion. I’m told "you have such beautiful skin." When I started using METRIN, I thought, this is so expensive. After the results of using the METRIN Skincare Program, I completely changed my mind. Worth every penny! *

Skin concern:
Oily Skin
In love with Metrin for:
20 Years
Started using Metrin at:
Age 46

Jerry R.

San Angelo (Texas), 74

Testimonial Jerry R.

Before METRIN my skin was dry in places and oily in other places, I had many dark liver spots, I had red places around my chin and nose. Within 3 weeks my redness was gone, it took about 3 months for all the dry and oily to start disappearing; and within 6 month the liver spots were almost gone - they are totally gone now. My skin is radiant! I have no patches of dry or oily skin, and no dark spots! My skin always feels good - I have completely stopped wearing and foundation make up, I only wear a little eye shadow and eyebrow makeup - it's wonderful! Almost every day I receive compliments on my skin. Someone always says to me that I have pretty skin and that it’s so clear and youthful looking, I would never be without my METRIN. *

Skin concern:
In love with Metrin for:
48 Years
Started using Metrin at:
Age 26

Michele F.

Caledon (Ontario), 52

Testimonial Michele F.

METRIN has not been so much life-altering as it has been life enriching. People always tell me I have great skin. I was once at a comedy improv workshop, and we did an exercise where we were partnered up, blindfolded, moved around the room, and then told to find our partners. Surprisingly, everyone did so quite intuitively, with no words. My partner put his hands on my face and said with wonder, ‘your skin! It’s so soft! *

Skin concern:
Uneven Tone or Texture
In love with Metrin for:
36 Years
Started using Metrin at:
Age 16