YWiB Beyond Conference 2017: Lead From Within

YWiB Beyond Conference 2017: Lead From Within

Over the weekend in our hometown of Vancouver, METRIN Skincare was proud to help sponsor Young Women in Business (YWiB)‘s annual Beyond Conference at the Pinnacle Harbour Hotel in Downtown Vancouver. Beyond focuses on learning through interactive and tangible experiences based on insightful keynote speeches and leadership skills from a host of industry professionals.

Panel discussion: Diversity in the Workplace

YWiB is a Canadian organization dedicated to fostering the the growth and advancement of women (but open to anyone) in professional industries. It’s more important than ever to positively promote the pathways to growth for young women and those less empowered at the start of their careers. Everyone deserves a happy, safe, and productive professional environment where we can all grown and contribute together.

Founded at UBC nearly a decade ago, YWiB has since expanded across Canada with a chapter in Toronto and has moved beyond its student campus roots to an even more professional level association.

Keynote speaker Sarah Jasper, Coast Capital Savings VP of Talent

What the group recognizes is the difficulty many struggle with finding mentors and pathways to success. A key tenant of YWiB’s efforts is fostering, growing, and encouraging business relationships between professionals at the beginning of their careers and those more successful or further along. The key is sharing information and advice.

These are examples of  important core values we share at METRIN and that is why we were so thrilled to be a part of YWiB and Beyond’s efforts to promote and encourage things like diversity in the workplace, empathy in management, stronger leadership skills, and achieving our entrepreneurial goals.